Apple Ipad 4th Generation (Latest Model) 16GB WI-FI- Black Review

Apple Ipad 4th Generation (Latest Model) 16GB WI-FI- BlackTaking over where the Ipad 3 left off, the 4th generation iPad comes well prepared to take over the mantle as the best tablet in the market. As expected with Apple product, there is no design change to write home about. This isn’t bad, because at 0.37” of thickness and only a meager 1.44pounds, it is an ergonomically pleasing device. The only new addition is the Lightning port that is supposed to improve on its versatility. It launches with iOS7, and has a new A6X processor. It doubles the performance of the graphics and the CPU, ensuring it handles everything you throw at it, and in a very snappy way.

The question pegging the minds of many iPad 3 owners is that if the upgrade is worth it. The short answer is yes, the kind of improved performance you get is indeed worth it, both in terms of speed, and the number of accessories you can use with it, which have increased.

The retail price for this latest iPad is about £430. It’s not the kind of amount you just don’t take out of your pocket in once instance. The good news is you don’t have to, since you can buy it on credit. There are different kinds of financial options to appeal to your kind of financial life. For instance, you can pay monthly amounts £43.01, which allows you to spread the cost and manage the repayments better. A buy now pay later option is also available, should you want to meet the total cost at a later time.